Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Extinction of the Home Party

I can't remember the last time I did a home party. I have been with thirty-one for 4 years and I remember my first year of business (of course always the most successful). I would have several parties a month! Well now with facebook, text and online ordering (without a party) home parties are becoming extinct.

Most Direct Sales reps know that home parties are where the sales are, but my experience has been that nobody wants people in their homes anymore! I can't be the only one who thinks this??

So over the years (and some of you can probably add to the list) here are some reasons why people don't like to do home parties anymore...
  1. "I don't want my friends, family etc feeling obligated to buy something."
  2.  "I don't think anyone will come."
  3.  "My house is a mess (not big enough etc.)"
  4.  "It's to much work (To have a home party)"
  5.  " I don't want people in my house"
If you are a someone wanting to host a direct sales party the home party is where it's at. People want to see, touch, smell etc the product. Shopping from a catalog or a website is hard and impersonal.  The whole idea of you wanting a party in the first place is to EARN FREE ITEMS! Well it's a fact that more people will spend more money, and buy more at a home party!

If you are a consultant home parties are where you will make your sales, which turns into commission, and you have a better opportunity for more bookings AND possibly build your team!

Even doing one home party a month would benefit your business greatly!  So how can YOU get your hostess to have a home party????
  1. Offer YOUR house. Yes you heard me YOUR house. If she thinks her house is to small offer to have the party at your house.
  2. Suggest a restaurant. Ok so this is technically not a "home" party but it's the idea that the hostesses friends/family still can come and see, touch, smell the product!
  3. BE HONEST. Tell them the advantages of having a home party (Selling more product, earning more free stuff etc).
  4. Make it EASY for them. Tell them all she needs to do is open up her doors, put out some drinks and invite her friends/family and YOU will do the rest!
Any other tips you can add??

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Battle of the Leggings!

Ok Ladies!

I finally was able to get my "Legging Army" Leggings! I ordered off of a consultant in a "Direct Sales Swap" Page! For those who are not in the Direct Sales World you can go on facebook and join a "swap" page. Here you can either swap site to site sales, or in stock products with someone from another Direct Sales Company! It's a great way to get rid of some stock or to bump up your personal sales!

There are a few legging companies out there but the "Legging Army" direct sales company is the company I chose.  I was happy to see that they had the sought out after "black" leggings that are almost nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find in Lularoe groups so that is what I purchased.

Me wearing Legging Army Black Leggings
As I searched through the Legging Army website and found my black leggings I was very excited to see 1) they were only $16.00 and 2) they have FREE SHIPPING! Two pluses right there!  I ordered the "one sized" leggings which say fit sizes 3-14.

However, I'm not sure if it was the blizzard two weeks ago or the fact that it is "free shipping" but the delivery time (from day of purchase) was over 10 days! In the direct sales world there are only a few companies I'm aware of that take that long to arrive.

So I anxiously opened the packaged and I immediately felt the "buttery smooth" feel of the leggings. Just like Lularoe. The first thing I noticed right away was the waistband. I cringed to see there wasn't a "Yoga" waistband like the Lularoe brand.
Lularoe's Yoga Waistband definitely gets a thumbs up from me!
So I spent the day wearing my Legging Army leggings.  I am not a fan of the waistband at all. It felt very uncomfortable at times. I decided not to get the next size up, because with the Lularoe leggings, the larger size may fit my waist but are baggy and hang near the crotch area. I am a little bit more "rounded" in the middle, but I think for a more slim person the waistband may not be a problem at all.

If you are a fan of leggings and want to save some money, support a Direct Sales company, and try a new legging company I would give Legging Army a try.  The price is affordable, they have children's sizes and adult up to size 26! The prints aren't bad either.  They are more "toned down" then the Lularoe leggings but there are some nice prints just the same. If you have been searching for that "unicorn" black print, maybe and aztec or camo I would checkout Legging army's website!

So how many of you LOVE your leggings?

Do you prefer a certain company or even store brand?

What company or store do you prefer to get your leggings from?

I'd LOVE to hear from you!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tuesday Try Out!

So excited about my first Tuesday Tryout!
I'm a little camera shy/rusty/not that great but I can't wait to do more!

Have you seen these??

No it's not a unicorn's teardrop!
It's the latest and greatest in beauty products! It's a make up applicator. It is meant to give you no streaks or lines on your skin while applying make up!
You can find them anywhere but I got mine from Avon for only $2.99!

Watch my first (and rusty) video and tell me your thoughts?

Do you use a make up applicator?

If so which company?

I'm not 100% convinced that I would use it personally. It is hard to break the habit of putting on your make up with your fingers! 

Visit my Facebook Page. When you "like and share" my video post you can be entered to win a make up applicator and BB cream of your choice!

Visit my Avon store if you are interested in buying this product!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snowed in Perks!

So if you lived anywhere on the East Coast this week you were most likely affected in one way or another by Winter Storm Stella!
Here in Northeast PA we got dumped with 32 inches of the fluffy white magic!
Well it's white fluffy magic for kids, but not for the adults that need to clean it up! It's amazing how much you begin to loathe snow when you are older.  

Our cars were buried and my son climbed a hill and ended up on my car!

Oh to be a child again! N ended up playing in the snow for over and hour until I realized he was without one boot! Apparently he "lost it yesterday" and didn't tell us. Having to much fun I guess! I did end up digging it out of a 2 foot drift about an hour later. 

One of the WORST things about being stuck inside during a blizzard is....

Ok so enough of about the blizzard. Let's talk about how bad weather BENEFITS Direct Sales customers!!

Let's talk about special discounts, give-a-ways, free shipping etc!!! Oh yes!
Personally on my thirty-one V.I.P Page I gave a 15% off "Ides of March" Blizzard special!
If you were keeping an eye on something you wanted to purchase from a Direct Sales company I bet you were able to get it at a discount during this weeks Blizzard!

So let me ask you?!?

How many consultants held a special discount on your V.I.P page because of the blizzard?

Customers: How many of you made a purchase because there was a special??

I'm sure this both benefited you and the consultant!

What an awesome way to boost sales and buy some of your favorite direct sale items! when is the next winter storm???

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Avon Calling!

As a child I have fond memories of my beautiful mother (God rest her soul) being an "Avon lady." She used to have this huge plastic "case" of samples. They were tiny circles that had sample colors of different blushes, eye shadows, lipstick etc. 
Remember these beauties???

My sister Jennifer and I, being the little girls we were, were obsessed with the "Make up Case." On special occasions, mostly Halloween, we were able to use the make up on ourselves! It was an awesome thrill and we felt so grown up. Of course we always tried to sneak the make up samples and paint our faces when we got the chance!
Those fond memories are still with me and maybe that is why Avon was one of the first direct sales company I became a consultant with.
When I was engaged to be married, I started selling Avon, and just recently started selling it again.
Avon is one of my favorite DS companies. It's constantly evolving and really has something
for everyone young and old! It's really a one stop shop and the prices are amazing! 

Now they have expanded into having their own home magazine called "Avon living," along with their outlet flyers, regular campaign books and the "Mark" catalog for the younger generation.
I LOVE Avon's make up. ALL of it! I often feel like it doesn't get a fair shake in the make up world. For the quality and price I think it's definitely worth trying and possibly switching.  

For more Avon click below!

Shop Avon Here!

BB Cream

Here are some of my "go to" Avon products I use daily!

Super SHOCK Eye Liner

Eye Make Up Remover

Flawless Loose Powder

Mega Effects Eye Mascara

Friday, March 3, 2017


Hey Friends!

Did you hear the good news??! Thirty-One JUST announced that March hostesses have the opportunity to DOUBLE their HOSTESS CREDIT just by partying this month!  THIS IS HUGE!

NOT to mention the Awesome-sauce customer special!  We are TOTES excited!! (See what I did there??)

I have been a thirty-one consultant for almost 5 years and it has been a lot of fun! I have met a lot of great people, made some new friends, earned some extra money and earned a lot of free or discounted thirty-one products!

I'm not going to lie,  I love doing home parties! But let's get real, home parties are becoming out of date! But never fear! Thanks to the "internets,"social media, texting and smart phones being a hostess is easier then ever! 

If you are interested in hosting a party, shopping for the monthly special, or becoming a consultant check out my website! 
(Click on the thirty-one on logo on the bottom of this page)